CABARET à la carte!!













Tim Jenkins.... on Keyboard

Keith Moorhouse... on Drums

Robbie Klein .... on Sax

Bob Patterson ... on Bass

Jay Weaver.... on Guitar


THANKS and APPRECIATION as well to Denny Strauser.... Sound Engineer

ROUND of APPLAUSE to our MC for the evening.... Brian Edward Leach .... Performing Artist, Director & PlayWright


CEFALO'S NightClub

April 6th, 2008 Sunday, 7:00 p.m.


Show Case of Singers


GRETCHEN EISCHEN: Originally hailing from Toledo, Ohio....this upcoming Cabaret showcase will mark the premier live Pittsburgh performance for Gretchen. She discovered her true passion for performing in musical theater early on. She holds extensive experience with the Toledo Repertoire Theatre and the Young Rep RoadShow. Favorite past roles include Val in "A Chorus LIne", Maria in "West Side Story", and Mary Jane Wilkes in "Big River" at the Towne Hall Theatre in Dayton, Ohio. She has also appeared in productions of "A Christmas Carol", "Brigadoon", "Meet Me in St. Louis", "Hello, Dolly!" and "Flower Drum Song". After taking a 10 year hiatus during which she graduated from Wright State Univ. with a degree in French/International Politics, she married husband Joel and began pursuit of a career in procurement consulting.

Gretchen recently began warming up her cords again last May of 2007 and has been working with the BHSingerStudio since that time. Gretchen is also active with Cabaret Pittsburgh, a local organization supporting emerging local talent that has helped to focus her goals of creating an intimate musical experience. Gretchen is also enjoying her experience of learning more of the Great American songbook and using her voice to express the stories and messages of the past to today's audiences. Gretchen is a true "cabaret" performer!! Her vocals command a powerhouse belt and resounding sensitivity to lyrical expression. She is a work of art unfolding!!!

Claim the Stage Gretchen!!!

April 6th Cabaret selections include: "Back on Base" from Closer Than Ever, "River" by Joni Mitchell, "Letting You Go" Jason Robert Bown, "My Heart is So Full of You" and "The Way You Look Tonight"



Robyn's MySpace

17 year old Robyn Cheeseman has been immersesd in songwriting and playing her own material at local coffee shops and venues since late 2006. She has studied voice at BHSingerStudio for five years and private guitar with Steve Jantz for two years. Robyn is a senior at Keystone Oaks High School and enjoys musical theater, the South Hills Chorale, and performing at open stages. She excels academically as well as in extra-curricular activities. Her hope is to move to Nashville and pursue a major in music/business....As well, she recently won a "song-writer's" scholarship for Duquesne University's Summer 2008 guitar workshop! Robyn possesses an amazing creative energy.... She stands as a young poetess that delivers heartfelt lyrics with engaging melodies. Her song writing techniques echo striking remembrances of a youthful Joan Baez or Joni Mitchell. Her music ventures toward soulful angst and poignant visions of young love.

So Proud of You Robyn!!!

April 6th Cabaret selections include: "Stay" by Sugarland, "I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bonnie Rait, "Brave"... original, "Mind Games".... original.





For Sarah Burgess, American Idol became the stepping stone .... an audition, a story being heard, being told "yes" to Hollywood, and then not being chosen for the final 12... Randy, Paula & Simon made the final decision to say NO but Craig Patterson of PME Records said a resounding YES ! The Denver record producer witnessed Sarah's unique vocal talent and immediately pressed forward to sign her on. The hard work and opportunities have been evolving since American Idol 2006. Click on the photo above to watch Sarah's initial audition for the Big 3..... This 20 year old is making her way to the top and her songs are soon to hit the airwaves. She just recently completed a full recording session in Denver and will be touring in May of this year. Check out her new video as well on her MySpace link above!

Sarah's vocals are a wonderful sultry mix of blues, pop and r&b..... very mature sound for such a young soul... Her new CD single titled.... "Dangerouz" is now available on her MySpace website for dowload. Sarah began coaching sessions at BHSingerStudio back in November of 2007.... so very excited for you Sarah! Her new CD, titled ONE just released this May 2008!

New Single release available in mp3 formatting.... "Dangerouz" and new CD titled, "ONE" just released.  Sarah will be singing 3 of her original singles at the Cabaret Showcase! Official Video for "Dangerouz" just released on YouTube....Click on!

April 6th Cabaret Selections include: "God Bless the Child", "Walk Away".... Christina Aguilera version, 3 Originals.... "Crushed", "Feeling You", and "Dangerouz"....




This flaming red-head just recently celebrated her 21st birthday. Meredith hails from Fairmont, W.Va. and is completing her Junior year this May at LaRoche College as an Interior-Design major.

Her aspirations include becoming a proprietor of her own design firm and as well, fueling her passion toward finding her niche as a recording artist. Meredith's quiet and reserved demeanor may fool the average encounter but underneath that camouflage lies a vibrant artistic energy. This singer has much to say with her music and her love for country/pop vocals delivers with a punch!..... a little soul, a little rock 'n roll and a firey belt that will grab your heart! Meredith has been studying voice with BHSingerStudio since 2007. Meredith also enjoys karaoke and feels quite at ease with the mic. For the past several weeks she has been an active contestant with "Liberty Idol".... a local karaoke contest here in downtown Pittsburgh. She's still in the running and has her eye on the prize!

Most recently, Meredith has written the words and music to an original song, titled...."REPLAY".... Hope we get to hear it one day on the airwaves!!

Wishing You Much Success in all your Singing and Professional Endeavors!

Good Luck Meredith!

April 6th selections include: "Son of a Preacher Man" , "Love Song" and "Gravity" by Sara Bareilles, and "Anyway" by Martina McBride.




This exciting duo just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary together representing VEQUINOX ..... and they are soon to be married this summer of 2008.

VEQUINOX formed in 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA. They are a unique mystical blend of many genres including Celtic, NeoFolk, NeoClassical, World, Gypsy, Ethereal and a touch of Electronica. They incorporate various instruments from around the world such as Bowed Psaltery, Sitar, Hammered Dulcimer, and Eastern Drums. They weave these instruments with beautiful voices to promote planetary harmony. Their music proves that different ethnic instruments can harmonize, so why can't people?? Vequinox brings people of all ages and backgrounds together.

Chad and Lisa have been studying voice at BHSingerStudio since November of 2007. Their passion, focus and hardwork is quite commendable! They are two of the kindest and warmest people I have had the privilege of knowing in quite some time.


They just released their CD, called "Planetary Harmony"

April 6th Cabaret Selections include: "Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair"... Nina Simone version, "Scarborough Fair" with Dulcimer and Bowed Psaltery, "Time"... Vequinox chant original with Dulcimer and Vocals, "Moon River"... Andy Williams style, "It Had to Be You".... Harry Connick Jr. style.




Tara is a scientist by day.... She is a professional biologist employed by an environmental laboratory. So, the majority of Tara's life is focused upon research, samples, formulas and quality control. She loves to travel often and maintains a quiet, reserved presence. But underneath all of the deep layers of concrete thinking, lies a churning river of "fire", "soul", "blues" and "creative abstract thought". Tara was raised in a household of music enthusiasts with sounds of The Ink Spots, Patsy Cline, Nat King Cole and many other jazz artists vibrating through the walls. From this immersion she developed a natural tendency toward singing.

Over the years, Tara has actively played the viola, clarinet, mellophone, and as well, performed in a variety of choral groups including the Columbia Pro Contare and the Miami University Civic Chorale. As a side note, she has been studying "Tang Soo Do Karate" since 2006 and currently has her red belt.

Tara delivers a vocal quality very similiar to the legendary Peggy Lee... sultry, warm and smokey. She has a natural gift for the jazz standards and embraces them with a very free and vulnerable expression. Tara has been studying voice at BHSingerStudio since April of 2007.

April 6th Cabaret Selections include: "Round Midnight" by Thelonius Monk, "Careless Love"... Madeleine Peyroux version, "La Vie en Rose"...French Cabaret (Edith Piaf version), "I'm Beginning to See the Light"... Ella Fitzgerald version.


Missy is a dreaming Pisces who finds solace in her music.... an extension of her creative expression! She's drawn to lyrics and melodies that provide an emotional connection to past or present experiences. Whether they be love ballads, songs of regret or reawakening, she claims each Torch song with originality and conviction. This soulful "chanteuse" pours out heartfelt release with her vocals.

Missy's college studies as an English major and her strong interest in psychology, via Carl Jung, have aided in her vocal delivery. She delves into each line and phrase with deep introspection. Missy is an aspiring actress as well and has found her place in several community theater productions in the Pittsburgh area

Missy has been studying voice at BHSingerStudio since early 2006. One of her singing aspirations is to step into the recording studio for her first demo. She has much to say and share! You Go Girl ! Behind You All the Way!.

April 6th Cabaret Selections include: "Sober".... Kelly Clarkson version, "River, Stay 'Way From My Door"... Fiona Apple version, "Hurt"... Christina Aguilera version, and "Sooner or Later"... Madonna version from the movie Dick Tracy.


Lonnie decided that after 32 years of teaching elementary and middle school, she had learned all that she could from her students. It was time to spread her wings and fly toward her dreams.... so she retired and began to pursue many of the things she longed to do. Her love of theatre and music has led her to many acting coaches including Carol Lorenz of the University of Pittsburgh drama dept., Ingrid Sonyenson of the Pittsburgh Public Theatre and Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, Sunny Disney Fitchitt and Art DiConcillis of the Little Lake Community Theatre. And presently, she is coaching one of her Cabaret songs with actor/director, Brian Leach.

Her former acting roles include supernumerary as the (Nun & Priestess) with the Pittsburgh Opera Theatre in their productions of "The Barber of Seville" and "Aida". Other roles include Mrs. Arm in the "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" with The Little Lake Theatre in Canonsburg and also, lead role of Laura Curtis in "Second Time Around" with the South Park Community Theatre.

Lonnie has been studying voice with BHSingerStudiosince early 2006 and is finding her own unique singing quality and expression. She loves the music of the '50's and has a natural sense for comedic timing. Lonnie is truly becoming a performer and exploring various opportunities for sharing her love of music with others. Lonnie is a vibrant singer who is searching for joy and beauty in her artistic endeavors. She follows George Eliot's wisdom ..... "It is never too late to become what you might have been"....

Brava to You Lonnie!

April 6th Cabaret Selections include: "You Belong to Me", "The End of the World", and "Always a Bridesmaid" from the musical, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change